Drawing Out Your Soul: An Experiential Workshop in Touch Drawing with Diana Stimmel M.A. LPC NCC
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The process of Touch Drawing was founded by Deborah Koff-Chapin in 1974. These are her words.
"Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. Paper is placed over a smooth layer of paint. The pressure of fingertips on the page forms images on the underside. The hands are extensions of the soul, moving in response to the sensations of the moment. Channels of expression open, enabling feelings to flow. A whole series of drawings are created in a single sitting. Each is a stepping stone deeper into the self.

This act of creation unleashes vibrant forces that guide the psyche toward its innate wholeness. Even a person with little confidence in their art skills can experience the fulfillment of seeing their interior life come alive on the page.Touch Drawing is a practice of creative, psychological and spiritual integration.

This workshop holds an atmosphere of safety and intimacy. Drawing sessions are enriched with circle sharing and the opportunity to witness one's images through creative writing. This is an immersion is soulful expressive arts. Touch Drawing is a practice of creative, psychological and spiritual integration.

Touch Drawing is relevant to artists, therapists, social workers, health care practitioners, educators, chaplains, intuitives and anyone who longs for authentic creative experience."

Diana Stimmel is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Expressive Arts Therapist in State College, PA. She has learned and studied the art of facilitating Touch Drawing from the founder Deborah Koff Chapin since 2007.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Expressive Arts Therapist
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Serenity Wellness Centre
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