Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
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We come into this practice to shed inhibitions – not pounds. Our intentions are not to step into a smaller size – but to step into our power. We come seeking our truth – not a number. Movement is meditation and the yoga mat our sacred space. I am not your teacher but your guide into self discovery and self love.

Yoga is the space where we are invited to slip out of our minds and into the body - forget the mile long to-do list, the stack of laundry ever-growing, the mounting tension in the office - and feel your power, discover your strength, flex your ability to MOVE.

I love yoga for holding space where we can test the waters of our capabilities. Movements and poses we see an experienced yogi flow through and we think “NO WAY! I will never do that.” Then one day, it happens… and we launch off the mat with a happy dance. "I CAN!” and we set the bar a little higher as we master a new achievement unlocked.

Finding this skill set on the mat quickly sneaks into our business mindset, relationships, and creativity. Suddenly, we are facing our greatest fears with a confidence we assumed would never be there. Our anxieties are less as we set our intention on our mats before we begin moving. New life is breathed into projects and situations we assumed were long dead in the water.

Yoga is much more than getting fit. It’s finding freedom: in your body, your mind, your spirit.

The atmosphere for your time with me is loose and free. The space held for you is yours to make mistakes in your journey and morph into your own movements over time. I plant the seed for growth in you and it is your decision on what that growth looks like for you.

I often play music loud during our time together and is the vibrational backbone to all of my classes. Soft background music reminds me of libraries and doctor offices; this volume breeds anxiety deep within my soul. I find the heightened sound allows for the collective to allow their mind to get lost in the beats and rhythm. My classes close with three beats on the mat to ground down the energy and feel connected with the Earth. A little non-traditional, all the same love and light.


Gabby Orcutt found yoga her sophomore year of college thanks to an early morning yoga flow on TV. She saw the benefits of yoga first hand: a lightness in the body, better digestion and a reduction in anxiety. Eight years later yoga reentered her life after gaining 60 lbs. while pregnant with her second child. She needed to find a workout she loved, it must tone the body and not involve running. A college friend kept raving about Buti Yoga and her progress pictures were impressive. Gabby tried Buti at 8 weeks postpartum and was met with the disappointing reality of how out of shape her body was after giving her all in creating two beautiful baby souls. After practicing Buti

Yoga consistently for two years, she went to the closest certification and has been sharing the practice within a three county radius of her home. Falling even deeper in love with yoga and reveling in its benefits, she finished her 200 hour RYT through Buti Yoga in July.

It is Gabby’s life mission to lead women on the path to self love and acceptance. To learn to love the body parts she once hated, to drop the lies from body dysmorphia and step into her power to rise up and live in her truth, unapologetically, everyday. This is achieved through Buti Yoga movement, Goddess Coaching mindset, and Boudoir portraits.

A landlocked mermaid, Gabby lives in DuBois, PA with her two children, husband and Miss Ursula Kitty the aquatic goddess of floof. She currently teaches at SoL Wellness & Gathering Space in DuBois, PA and Organic Mechanics in St. Marys, PA.

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  • Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
  • Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
  • Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
  • Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
  • Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space

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