Lila Yoga, Imagery, and Dynamic Alignment (3-Class Workshop)
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“If we want healthy alignment every day, then the study of alignment must go beyond the yoga pose or classroom.”
-Brandi, PhD, RYT-500

**You spend 24 hours/day with your body! You know more about your body than anyone else, and with the appropriate tools, you are in a better position to improve your alignment than anyone else. This workshop is for individuals who (1) desire an increased internal awareness of their body’s alignment (in yoga and everyday activities), and (2) want to learn tools that they can use (in and out of the yoga class) to improve their alignment and overall use of self in yoga and everyday movement.**

When many of us learn new yoga postures or alignment strategies (e.g. stand up straight, engage your stomach), we adjust and position ourselves as if we are trying to mimic a picture…static and unmoving. And while these adjustments may improve our alignment in the short-term, we often find that we don’t know how to live in them (or breathe). And as soon as our attention shifts, we collapse into our previous, often unhealthy position (e.g. slouching).

Dynamic approaches to alignment and yoga go beyond “cosmetic adjustment”, and incorporate one of the basic tenets of life: MOTION. On the physical, emotional, cellular, and even down to the atomic level, we and everything around us are constantly in motion. Dynamic alignment incorporates the whole being (emotional, personality, structure, intentions, prana/life energy), and respects the biomechanics of the physical human structure as the body transitions from one position to the next (Franklin, 2012).

In this unique 3-class workshop, you will:

+ Gain increased internal awareness of your body, and learn how to utilize this awareness to engage, release, and move your body from the inside out (e.g. lift your arches, gather your belly towards your spine, soften your shoulders)

+ Learn imagery techniques that improve your physical alignment and how you experience yoga postures

+ Learn simple, yet powerful alignment techniques that can be done at home, work, and on the yoga mat to improve your “everyday alignment”

Workshop Details:

In this 3-class workshop, Brandi Rollins (RYT-500), a certified Lila Yoga Teacher, takes a somatic approach to the study of yoga and dynamic alignment using principles from Lila Yoga, the Alexander Technique, and the Franklin Method. All three methods are powerful active explorations that offer individuals the opportunity to take charge of their own study of yoga and alignment. Specifically:

+ Lila Yoga is a holistic, somatic style of yoga that focuses on awakening prana/life-force to support the body, breath, and mind. By developing a relationship to prana, Lila Yoga gives us a dynamic relationship to alignment–recognizing that everything is in motion. Lila Yoga provides a unique platform for curiosity and playfulness in the study of yoga and physical alignment that teaches students how to relax their minds and get out of their own way. In particular, in this workshop, Brandi will teach students how being curious benefits their understanding of their own body’s alignment, as well as, how prana can be used to develop awareness of their body, its use, and its alignment.

+ The Alexander Technique is a mindful way of moving that helps to identify and unlearn habitual movements that are inefficient, accumulate tension, and interfere with the body’s natural movement. In this workshop, Brandi will teach students how to (1) “not do” habitual movements as a way to experience more natural movements, and (2) release tensions in the body that may be limiting healthy alignment.

+ The Franklin method takes an innovative approach to utilizing dynamic and powerful imagery and movement exercises for the purpose of improving coordination and alignment, as well as understanding the structural use of the body. In this workshop, Brandi will teach students how to incorporate imagery to self-adjust their physical alignment and movement (see figure on right), on and off the mat.

Workshop Activities:
+ Three 90-minute classes
+ Homework to encourage active self-exploration and study of alignment outside the workshop:
+ Simple daily movement exercises for you to do at home or work
+ Brief readings
+ Journaling to chart progress and learning

Prerequisites or Experience Required:
This workshop is perfect for individuals desire a hands-on approach to studying the relationship between their body, yoga postures, and dynamic alignment. This workshop is open to yoga students of all levels.

What to bring:
We have yoga mats! Just bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing, and a journal for note-taking.

Brandi Rollins, PhD, RYT-500
Brandi is a Certified Lila Yoga Instructor (RYT-500), offering classes in Lila Yoga. Brandi has studied Lila Yoga for the past 7 years, under the guidance and teachings of Erica Kaufman, founder of Lila Yoga, and has instructed over 800 hours of yoga classes, reaching 1500+ students. Brandi’s passion and personal study of physical alignment and movement began 12 years ago when she discovered the Alexander Technique. With the assistance of Alexander Technique teachers, Brandi not only used the technique to improve her previously “crooked” alignment, she independently studied texts on the technique and applied it to the movements of running, dancing, and yoga. More recently, in the past year, Brandi has studied the Franklin Method (focused on dynamic imagery) as a way to adjust and play with her physical alignment during yoga postures, as well as advance her teachings of yoga. Both the Alexander Technique and Franklin Method have had profound impacts on Brandi’s personal yoga practice and physical alignment, as well as on her teachings of Lila Yoga.

“My goal is for every student to acquire the tools needed to self-study, explore, and improve their physical alignment, as well as their use of self (i.e. mind, body, emotions, intuition), in and out of the classroom.” -Brandi Rollins, PhD, RYT-500

Event/Class Date(s) and Time(s):
Class starts Sunday, November 5, 2017.
Class meets on 3 consecutive Sundays @12-3pm (Nov 5, 12, 19 or 26).

Event Costs:
Tuition: $90
Your tuition cover three 3-hour workshop classes (9-hour course).

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  • Lila Yoga, Imagery, and Dynamic Alignment (3-Class Workshop)
  • Lila Yoga, Imagery, and Dynamic Alignment (3-Class Workshop)
  • Lila Yoga, Imagery, and Dynamic Alignment (3-Class Workshop)
  • Lila Yoga, Imagery, and Dynamic Alignment (3-Class Workshop)

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