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LILA YOGA CLASSES are focused on holistic alignment: BODY ~ BREATH ~ INTENTIONS. Each yoga posture becomes an opportunity to awaken, explore, and unite with a specific state of being. Special emphasis is placed on how prana (cosmic energy) can flow and support the body, breath and mind. A class typically includes:

  • invigorating flow of yoga postures that ignite warmth;
  • deeply focused individual postures;
  • and finish with nourishing restorative postures.

The result is a REFRESHING ENERGY within a STRONG BODY ~ CALM MIND ~ PEACEFUL HEART LILA YOGA focuses on acknowledging and uniting with the larger rhythms of life and the interplay of energy at any given moment.

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What is Lîla Yoga®?

“What leads to contentment in life?  How do we cultivate compassion?  What are the sources of our motivations?”

“Learning the art of open attention, Lila Yoga provides a complete holistic approach to living in a healthy, balanced body/mind. Free from judgment, we practice asanas, pranayama, hiking, chanting, quiet-present-time, and meditation to reveal our tenancies and provide an opportunity for noticing habits & states of being (mental & physical).  Without analyzing our thoughts or feelings, we observe our self and learn skills in compassionate living and courageous clear strength.”

“Yoga is the science of human living in clarity within the mind, body. When this kind of union is present in our lives we are in a state of yoga and eternal wisdom, peace, patience and joy are revealed to us. Influenced by Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophy and Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Erica Kaufman instigated a movement of practice and research called Lila Yoga®–a traditional practice of Hatha (physical), Raja (physiological & philosophical), Bhakti (devotional) yoga and Lila (Divine Play). Through postures, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, teachings, silence, observation, chants and devotions, Lila Yoga explores the possibility of living in brilliant ease by rejuvenating self-trust/love, awakening energy within our body, and uniting this with universal currents of energy around us. ”

“Rather than mimicking the shape of a posture, Lila Yoga® focuses on clarifying the direction and intensity of these pathways. The result is deeply engaged and focused yoga postures.”

“Lila Yoga® is a method of practice that balances discipline and curiosity while inspiring strength and creativity. Using the body as a tool to understand the mind, Lila Yoga® is a philosophy in motion—a meditation in motion.”

–Erica Kaufman

Lîla Yoga® focuses on…

  • the power of the mind
  • internal and external energy patterns
  • quality & depth of involvement
  • clarity within the moment
  • living with more agility and grace
  • trusting the intuitive
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