Path to Calm
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Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
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Justine's teaching emphasis is on the ways in which yoga movement, conscious rhythmic breathing, concentration and meditation practices can serve as practical tools for navigating daily life.  One of Justine's favorite messages to new students: If you can breathe you can practice yoga.

Yoga offers us a map to a different way of being -- on and off the mat.  Learning to breathe and listen deeply, noticing what is needed to bring greater physical health, clarity, energy and calm is the focus of Justine's yoga practice and her teaching.  By helping students build a regular yoga practice that meets their individualized needs, Justine supports students as they find their own path to greater wellness and deeper calm.  Justine offers private instruction at Path to Calm,  serves as a guest teacher at TriYoga of Central PA,  and teaches regular workshops for experienced practitioners as well as beginners.

Instructor Justine Andronici is a certified TriYoga® instructor in yogaflow® (movement), and Prana Vidya (breathing, concentration and meditation practices).
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320 Rolling Ridge Drive, Suite 200, Second Floor, State College PA 16801. Conveniently located in the SunPointe Health Building.*
*Path to Calm is an independent business co-located with, but unaffiliated with SunPointe Health.
State College
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