We are soooo excited to be featuring a Community Vegan + Vegetarian Potluck at this year’s festival! And we need your help to make this happen! Simply bring a meat-free dish (vegan or vegetarian – no exceptions) or drink to share. And if you don’t feel like cooking, you may bring a green salad, fruit, tortilla chips and salsa, fruit salad, etc. Tell us what you are bringing here!

Vegan Vegetarian
Food must not contain any flesh (fish, fowl or beast), eggs, dairy products or honey. Please watch out for hidden milk products such as whey in cookies, crackers, bread and margarine, and casein or caseinate in “non-dairy” soy cheeses and whipped toppings. Some margarine contains gelatin. Also be alert for eggs in baked goods, mayonnaise in salad dressings, and honey in breads (wheat breads are notorious for this), pastries, and preserves. Food must not contain any flesh (fish, fowl or beast).

Potluck Guidelines

  1. All dishes must be completely vegan or vegetarian – no exceptions.
  2. Please prepare a 4×6 card with: your name, the name of the dish, a list of all ingredients.
  3. Prepare enough to serve 5-7 people. Please bring your own serving container as well as a serving utensil.
  4. We will have two refrigerators to store cold dishes and access to 6-9 outlets to keep crockpots running (if you bring one). We do not have access to a stove. The potluck will begin at 4:30pm.
  5. Since this is a public event, we have consulted with the State College Bourogh, and here are a few health guidelines.

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