We are excited to have Mr. Cello himself performing music at Yoga Fest State College 2017!

Nikolay is originally from cold and snowy Russia. However, he lived in U.S. for many years now. Currently he is a postdoctoral scholar in atmospheric sciences at Pennsylvania State University. He started his meditation practice in 2013 in Zen Buddhist tradition. As Zen Buddhist tradition requires sitting still in yoga postures for a long time, Nikolay decided to attend yoga classes at Lila yoga to improve his ability to sit longer. Upon arriving at Lila Yoga Studios (in downtown State College, PA) he found much more than vigorous physical practice. Lila yoga combines spiritual and physical aspects together, creating a unique environment allowing a practitioner to deepen their understanding of who they are. Intrigued by this practice, Nikolay completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training at Lila. He prefers to teach gentle yoga and in his classes combines aspects of mindfulness and awareness through the gentle exploration of various yoga postures combining them with the elements of free-flowing improvisational dance.

Nikolay will be performing during the Yoga Class.


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