Debmalya Nandy

Debmalya Nandy

My current Vedic Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage Practitioner’s Certification training at the Vedic Conservatory (VC) is with Yoga Christy Thorndill, a certified VC Teacher. I plan to continue my studies with Christy pursuing for becoming a Certified VC Teacher. Born and brought up mostly in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, I have been raised during my schooling and undergraduate college years at the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama campuses for more than 11 years – age 10+ until 22+ years. Here in the US, I started practicing yogasana regularly since May 2016, completing the 300-hour Teacher Training in May 2017 at the Lila Yoga Institute (a Yoga Alliance RYS) under the mentorship of Erica Kaufman. Since August 2017, I have been teaching All Levels Yogasana classes along with Pranayama and Sun-Salutations at the Lila Yoga Studios, State College, PA. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and practise Qigong.

2018 teacher

Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage: An Intro Teaser

A hands-on workshop to introduce some basics for Vedic Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork/Massage in the Nuad Borarn style as patronized at the Vedic Conservatory (

* Introduction and pairing up [~5 mins] * Demo + follow along [~ 25 mins] — individual A from each pair practicing and providing the massage to individual B
* Demo + follow along [~ 25 mins] — individuals A and B within a pair switch roles
* Closing [~5 mins]

This workshop is open to ALL. No prior skills in Thai Bodywork is necessary. Anyone authentically interested in experiencing a taste of this ancient healing art is cordially welcome. Clothes-on throughout the duration with massage-mats laid on the floor/ground/grass. Massage providers will mostly use their hands and legs as the primary tools. No use of external ingredients, such as oil, etc.

Participants may come with partners as pairs. Although bringing a partner is NOT required to participate in the workshop, please come with an open mind to pair up with someone, and make a new friend who will connect with you — physically, energetically, therapeutically, and beyond.

* Comfortable and stretchable clothing
* To provide some cushioning underneath the recipient’s body:
* bring a cushioned mattress, if you have one (approx. dimension: 4′ (W) x ~6′ (L) x 2″-3″ (H)). One mattress for a pair suffices.
* otherwise, bring one or more cushioned yoga-mats / blankets / etc.
* Bring some water to stay hydrated.
* Bring a journal if you would like to take notes.
* Avoid consuming heavy food since at least 40-45 mins prior to the start of the workshop.
* Invite your authentic Self and curious spirits. Let’s discover and experience some healing touch.

My Higher Self bows to yours, Namasté!

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