We are excited to have the amazingly awesome Mark Agrusti, RYT-500 performing music at Yoga Fest State College 2017!

Mark is an investigator; approaching all experiences in life with an attitude of curiosity & Self-Inquiry. As a teacher, he empowers students to discover this same sense of Inquiry in their own lives, by leveraging practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation as opportunities for understanding the nature of the Self, mind, & identity. He is a co-founding partner at Yoga Lab and a co-primary teacher at the “Dharma Lions Meditation & Mindfulness Club” at Penn State. He is a mindfulness & meditation consultant for the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center at Penn State. Mark is an advocate for vegan & plant-based lifestyles, and teaches mindfulness & meditation workshops at yoga festivals and vegetarian expos across the east coast.

When we cultivate this Awareness, we truly begin to see with clarity, the people in our lives and the world around us. We begin to observe the world as it is, instead of living within the stories and fears we’ve constructed in our minds. We become more resilient, more compassionate, more patient, and better listeners. Kinder to ourselves & others. And we discover Stillness.

Mark Agrusti is a co-founder of Yoga Lab (www.YogaLabStudio.com) in State College, PA. He has practiced mindfulness & self-inquiry since 2001 and has completed 800+ hours of yoga trainings in a variety of styles; including Vedic/Yoga philosophy at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, and advanced functional anatomy studies with Lara Heimann of YogaStream. Mark is a co-primary teacher for the Dharma Lions Meditation & Mindfulness Community at Penn State University and he collaborates on Mindfulness/Meditation research & implementation projects at the Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center. He teaches Meditation & Yoga trainings at Yoga Lab. He has tremendous love for all beings… and lives everyday embracing the truth that Animals Are People Too.


Mark will perform in the Kirtan, co-teach the yoga class, and lead a workshop.

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