Workshop Description:

Join Justine for a prana vidya practice – a combination of yoga practices including conscious rhythmic breathing (pranayama), as well as concentration and meditation techniques which increase the flow of prana (energy). When we practice in a natural setting charged with energy, we also increase our ability to deeply perceive and connect to our environment.  The practice will include an opportunity to explore the natural environment with new awareness. Take a journey into Breath, Prana & Place, and explore the sounds, colors and energy of the natural world at Millbrook Marsh. Beginners are welcome!


Location: Millbrook Marsh, State College, PA
Date: Oct. 22nd
Time: 2:30 – 3:10pm


Justine Androninici, a certified TriYoga® Instructor

Justine’s teaching focus is that every breath, every moment, is a new opportunity to practice yoga.  Justine works individually with students as they build practices that meet their unique needs at her private yoga studio, Path to Calm, in State College, PA and teaches workshops focused on using yoga movement, breathing and meditation practices for wellness. Justine found her path to wellness through yoga after suffering health effects from her career as social justice attorney and activist. Spending time in nature is an important part of Justine’s yoga practice. Her yoga path included many traditions, and eventually led her to TriYoga®.  She is certified in Triyoga, yogaflow® (movement practices), as well as prana vidya, rhythmic breathing (pranayama), concentration (dharana), and meditation (dhyana) practices.

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