Wellness Coach/Instructor

Brandi Rollins
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: My approach to teaching YOGA is very similar to how I practice YOGA. I am not interested in teaching people to “do” Yoga. I am interested in teaching people to use movement and sound to focus their mind, feel their breath and movement, take of space in their existence, and TO PLAY.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Elisha Halpin
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Through weaving somatics, neuroscience, energy work, breath work, and movement such as yoga and dance we cultivate embodiment, presence, a deep felt sense of self! Let’s move from essence!
Yoga Specialities: Chakras, Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Retreats, Satsang, Seniors, Therapeutic, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Additional Professions: Program Director/Manager, Mindfulness Instructor, Yoga/Mindfulness Researcher
Inner Compass Coaching
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: I believe we live in a fractal world where everything we experience and feel are patterns that reflect our truths to us. In one on one coaching, I can help you unlock the mystery of your patterns and learn the language of your inner messages in order to find direction and desire in your life.
Yoga Specialities: Private / Individual
Additional Professions: Mindfulness Instructor
Kristen Boccumini E-RYT 500
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Kristen, dubbed the “handstand queen,” is co-founder of Yoga Lab Studio, the newest yoga studio in State College, PA, which teaches an evolved form of authentic Indian yoga by informing the practice with evidence based research in functional movement and body mechanics from western science. She is also co-founder of Yoga On The Mountain, a seasonal charity event involving a hike of Tussey Mountain followed by a co-taught yoga practice. Kristen’s yoga classes, held at Yoga Lab, are uplifting and fun with creative sequences informed by these evidence based principles which results in students progressing incredibly quickly on the mat. Being perceptive and insightful, Kristen also invites students to connect authentically with themselves and offers support for ways to manage life with inspiration and positivity. Her yoga classes range from slow breath-centered practices to high energy, heart pumping, and sweaty classes. Kristen also specializes in pre-natal/postnatal yoga teacher and is a holistic life coach. Check out her videos on tips and tricks in yoga on her Facebook page “Yoga with Kristen” and www.kristenbocc.com, as well as classes at her studio Yoga Lab at www.yogalabstudio.com.
Yoga Specialities: Private / Individual, Workshops
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner
Mark Agrusti – Meditation, Mindfulness, & Yoga
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Mark is an investigator; approaching all experiences in life with an attitude of curiosity & Self-Inquiry. As
a teacher, he empowers students to look inward through practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation to further understand the nature of the Self, mind, & identity. He is a co-founding partner at Yoga Lab and a co-primary teacher at the “Dharma Lions Meditation & Mindfulness Club” at Penn State.
Yoga Specialities: Kirtan / Music, Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Sanskrit, Satsang, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner, Mindfulness Instructor, Yoga/Mindfulness Researcher
Max Schultz, Credible Professional
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: After completion of his self-guided paddle boat trip through the Aegean Islands, Max decided to devote his professional work toward education and teaching others how to heal themselves and, through self-healing, heal Earth in the process. Originally, this quest led him to assume a job as a Geomancer in Negev desert, where he lived with Bedouins and adopted the principles of ecological consciousness. Today, Max spends most of his time in Pennsylvania, trading beliefs and opinions of mindful living with other authentic beings. Max is a developer of educative materials and teacher specialized in human wellness, Earth sciences, and yoga & meditation.
Yoga Styles:
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Workshops
Additional Professions: Mindfulness Instructor
Sue Melbourne
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Sue is a certified registered yoga alliance teacher. Through the company she founded in 2014, Onda Yoga, she teaches and travels full time, sharing her passion for life, rivers, and coaching corporate executives in creating work-life balance through yoga. To book a program for your group or organization, Contact Sue for a quote.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Retreats, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner, Mindfulness Instructor
Utter Wellness coaching, Yogalab State College
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Sima is an Ayurvedic and Nutrition coach, as well as a yoga instructor. She studied with both Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. T. Colin Campbell and has helped many people across the nation get back into balance with her integrative wholistic nutrition approach. When she is not coaching people, you can find her teaching yoga at Yogalab State College.
Yoga Styles:
Yoga Specialities: Ayurveda, Meditation, Private / Individual, Workshops
Additional Professions: Nutritionist/Dietitian