Core Strengthening

200HR & 300HR Lila Yoga Teaching Training
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: LILA YOGA–a vinyasa-based practice weaving together the power of a peaceful mind, a balanced body, and the spirit of truth. Lîla Yoga Teacher Training (LYTT) is designed for those who wish to teach yoga or simply want to take their yoga practice to the next level. Don’t miss this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to join a highly individualized training program with 16 years of proven effectiveness. Our alumni are using their yoga in their personal life and professional life–such as therapists, social workers, clergy. Our alumni are successful yoga instructors and yoga studio owners in Europe, USA, India, and Israel.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Retreats, Yoga Philosophy
Event Start Date (if applicable): 01/01/2018
Anna Engels
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Dr. Anna Engels is a Co-Founder of Yoga Lab Studio in State College, PA. She is a yoga teacher registered at the E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and YACEP levels with Yoga Alliance. Her yoga teaching and practice combines her background in psychology with a strong grounding in anatomy and functional movement to create intelligent and fun sequences that flow with the breath and connect you to your core.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Workshops
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner
Ariel Xu @ Yoga Lab
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Ariel is an English and Chinese bilingual Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. She combines her knowledge of anatomy and mindfulness meditation in her yoga classes. You can find her either teaching or practicing Yoga at Yoga Lab or giving massages at Artemis Massage Studio. She is also a co-founding partner of Yoga Lab Studio. She is completing her Advanced Yoga Training with Lara Heimann. She is a student of life and a student of Chan Buddhism Master Sheng Yan, Zen Buddhism Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Yoga Specialities: Kirtan / Music, Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Retreats, Satsang, Seniors, Therapeutic, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner, Mindfulness Instructor
Artemis Massage Studio, Artemis Yoga, Yoga Instuctor Katy Barlow (RYT-500), Thursday lunch hour classes and Wednesday workshops
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Atmosphere
Classes and workshops are designed for clients whose goals include improved wellness, pain management, and overall stress reduction.

Receive specific attention to pose and posture to get the most out of your practice.

Our instructor calls upon her extensive training and teaching experience in every class.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Seniors, Workshops
Brandi Rollins
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: My approach to teaching YOGA is very similar to how I practice YOGA. I am not interested in teaching people to “do” Yoga. I am interested in teaching people to use movement and sound to focus their mind, feel their breath and movement, take of space in their existence, and TO PLAY.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Empowerment Lila Yoga, Movie Night, & Potluck w/ Brandi Rollins
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: We will kick off the night with 60-minutes of Empowerment Yoga taught by Brandi Rollins (RYT-500) to destress our bodies, uplift our minds, open our hearts, and laugh out loud. Empowerment Yoga teaches us to show up to LIFE and all the challenges and goodness that LIFE brings. This awesome yoga class will be followed by a Self-Love Meditation to foster greater self-giving and generosity, a Community Potluck to bring us all together, and the showing of an incredibly inspiring movie (name can’t be announced online) that will leave you laughing and empowered to create the change you want to see in your life.
Yoga Specialities: Meditation
Event Start Date (if applicable): 10/24/2017
Erica Kaufman, E-RYT-500
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Influenced by Krishnamacharya’s teachings and Krishna Murti’s philosophies, I was brought into this beautiful lineage of yoga. When I think of yoga, I think of life. Through my life with yoga, I began to refine my awareness, my choices. I experienced moments of yoga–true integration beyond the limited body/mind.
Yoga Specialities: Chakras, Mantra, Meditation, Mudra, Pranayama, Private / Individual, Retreats, Sanskrit, Seniors, Workshops, Yoga Philosophy
Additional Professions: Club/Studio Owner, Mindfulness Instructor
FREE Yoga during Finals Week (aka Stress Less Week!) – Open to All
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Penn State Finals Week is a very stress and anxiety inducing time for faculty, staff, and students. In response, the teachers at Lila Yoga have volunteered to support the health of our local Penn State community by offering free yoga, meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness classes during the Fall 2017 finals week (Dec 11-15).
Yoga Specialities: Kirtan / Music, Meditation, Pranayama, Seniors, Therapeutic
Event Start Date (if applicable): 12/11/2017
Gabby Orcutt, RYT-200 @ SoL Wellness & Gathering Space
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: We come into this practice to shed inhibitions – not pounds. Our intentions are not to step into a smaller size – but to step into our power. We come seeking our truth – not a number. Movement is meditation and the yoga mat our sacred space. I am not your teacher but your guide into self discovery and self love.
Yoga Specialities: Chakras, Private / Individual, Retreats, Workshops
Jen Treece
Short Description/Teaching Philosophy: Jen Treece is a yoga instructor certified in Buti Yoga, Hot Buti, and has obtained her 200 hour RYT certification through Buti Yoga & Yoga Alliance.
Yoga Specialities: Chakras, Sanskrit, Workshops